One piece of summer gear that is vastly overlooked and under appreciated for its mission critical status is the blanket you bring along to set up a basecamp. Whether you’re at the beach, the park, or a music festival…the surface you utilize to set up your stuff and lounge can make all the difference for a successful outing.  Coalatree set out to revolutionize this otherwise mundane item and went on a mission the best “adventure blanket” the world has ever known.

The Kachula Adventure Blanket was originally on kickstarter where it absolutely smashed its funding goal of $15k with a whooping $257,304 pledged. Now its in full production and flying off the shelves (selling out at Urban Outfitters, Amazon &  The KACHULA ADVENTURE BLANKET 2.0 ($69.99) is on the pricey side but its a premium product and worth the investment if you value your outdoors time.I just picked mine up and I’m super pleased with the product. My two favorites features are actually one in the same. The whole thing packs into a self-contained pocket that does double duty as a stash spot while the blanket is unfolded:  Love this feature because it packs up tidy in a matter of seconds and while its laid out you can stick your valuables in the pocket if say you need to take a dip at the beach: It also has a funky detachable hood that may seem a bit over the top, but if you’ve ever paid $100+ for a music festival ticket only to go home early because of a downpour you will appreciate that this puppy turns into a poncho in a pinch and is fully waterproof. 


-Waterproof, Packable and Versatile. The Kachula is the ultimate adventure blanket.

-Measurement is 4 ft x 6 ft – 1.5 LBS

-Striped Fabric–Rip-Stop Fabric-100% DWR Coated




p.s. the second time I took the blanket out for the day my friends dog somehow found his way into a nasty mud puddle but it was all good because we just tucked the blanket nice and snug in the back seat. Dog was happy, seat was saved, and then threw it in the wash once afterwards. Nice one.

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