Ranking The Best Multi-Resort Passes In North America

Ranking The Best Multi-Resort Passes In North America


Ranking The Best Multi-Resort Passes In North America


Arapahoe Basin, CO | Photo (+Cover): Barclay Idsal/Unofficial Networks

10 years ago, the multi-resort pass movement was just a fledgling idea hidden between the walls of Vail Resorts’ Broomfield offices.

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Fast forward to 2017 and it’s all out battle royal between entities like KSL/Aspen, The Mountain Collective, Vail Resorts, and everyone else trying to sell a season pass. Nowadays, we’ve got 5 multi-resort passes in North America worth considering. Geography, price, and pass benefits vary widely so in order to make things easier for the prospective buyer, we’ve provided a ranked listing of our favorite multi-resort passes.

The Best Multi-Resort Passes In North America

5) Peak Pass  

The Peak Pass is favorite among Boston, New York, and Philly residents who want to ski around New England throughout the season without breaking the bank. Mount Snow, Wildcat, and Hunter are three of the best ski areas offered and for $599/season, east coast skiing just got a bunch cheaper.

Buy here: The Peak Pass


  • 7 resorts
  • $599-399/adult
  • 4 states

Ideal for… East coasters whose work allows them to travel and ski more than 20 days a season.

4) The Powder Alliance  

Even though the Mountain Collective took Snowbasin away from the Powder Alliance, look for the season-oriented ski pass to make big news in the coming months as they hope to add more resorts to their already awesome network.


  • 14 resorts
  • Comes with the purchase of a season pass at any of the participating ski areas
  • 39 days of skiing
  • 8 states/provinces
  • 3 countries (including Japan!)

Ideal for… Season pass holders with a penchant for long distance powder chasing.

3) The M.A.X. Pass 

Image: MAX Pass

The introduction of KSL/Aspen is definitely threatening the MAX Pass in a big way. After the 2017/2018 season, ski areas such as Stratton, Steamboat, and Snowshoe will likely cease to be a part of the multi-resort pass known for its strong east coast foothold.  In the meantime, the pass is still one of the biggest and best in the industry.

Buy here: MAX Pass


  • 44 resorts
  • 5 unrestricted days at each of the participating ski areas
  • $629/adult or $329 season pass “add-on”
  • 20 states/provinces
  • 2 countries

Ideal for… East coast season pass holders looking to vacation at one of the MAX Pass’ premiere western resorts.

2) Epic Pass 

Image: Epic Pass

Yeah, yeah. The Epic Pass revolutionized skiing. We’ve heard the same thing for the past 8 years and still– the king of the ski industry remains Vail Resorts. With unrestricted access to 15 ski areas and limited access to 30 or so in Europe, the giant continues to rule. We’ll just have to wait and see if KSL/Aspen will attempt to dethrone goliath in 2018/2019.

Buy here: Epic Pass


  • Unrestricted access to 15 resorts in North America and Australia
  • $859/adult
  • 7 Countries
  • 2 hemispheres

Ideal for… Residents who live close to one of the participating ski areas and like to travel to one or more resorts outside their home state.

1) Mountain Collective

When it comes to rad terrain for the right price, accept no substitutes. The Mountain Collective continues to offer up the best skiing in North America for the best price point. Icons on their 17 resort roster include Jackson Hole, Alta/Snowbird, Aspen, Mammoth, Sugarbush, and Lake Louise just to name a few. The pass allows for 2 days of unrestricted skiing at the following destinations with a bonus day at one preferred ski area for a max total of 33 days of skiing. After that, each day of skiing is 50% off the over-the-counter price.

Buy here: Mountain Collective 2017/2018


  • 17 resorts
  • $429/adult
  • 4 countries
  • 2 hemispheres

Ideal for… Travelers looking to ski at least 2 days at 2 or more Collective resorts.

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