The World's Best Lift Ticket For $60 Dollars/Day!

The World's Best Lift Ticket For $60 Dollars/Day!


The World's Best Lift Ticket For $60 Dollars/Day!


Photo Credit (+Cover Photo): Barclay Idsal/Unofficial Networks

The coolest lift in the world? | Photo Credit (+Cover Photo): Barclay Idsal/Unofficial Networks

With lift tickets going for over $189 bucks at places like Beaver Creek, it’s enough to make a skier flee the country in search of affordable shredding.

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Located in Chile’s central Andes, Portillo is home to a deal that might just be the best in all of skiing– an adult day lift ticket during the high season is just $60 bucks ($50 chilean pesos) and includes lunch in their legendary dining hall.

  • Portillo adult lift ticket with lunch – $60
  • Vail adult lift ticket with lunch – $289 (*not including tax)

To put that number in perspective, Vail currently charges $189/day for a high season lift ticket. That price doesn’t include a 3 course meal, which at Vail’s Game Creek would cost $100 all by itself. If you’re still following our insightful use of arithmetic, that’s 5 days of shredding and eating Chilean steaks @Portillo for the price of a single day and lunch @Vail.

“The vibe at Portillo is like nothing else I’ve experienced–it’s really remote in the Andean mountains, on a lake, surrounded by huge peaks.  You feel really out there… yet totally taken care of in the most amazing hotel with incredible staff.”Ingrid Backstrom

If staying at the ski area is you’re thing, Portillo still beats Vail and most other resorts by an astronomical difference. For instance, Portillo’s Inca Lodge Ski Week includes a 7 night stay, 4 meals/day, and access to the world’s most picturesque pool for just $1,400 during their “High Season.” A comparable deal at Vail– a whopping $7,915 with no lunch or dinner included.

So if you’re thinking about booking a spring trip to a Eagle County you might want to stop, close that tab, and check out a summer ski trip to Ski Portillo instead.

Book here: Portillo Ski Week


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