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Photo Credit: Dmitri Markine | Cover Photo: Torben Hansen / M Pincus

Far from a secret, snow sports enthusiasts love to have a good time and sometimes those good times involve a little green and a little booze.

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However, The Ski Association Of Japan (SAJ) is apparently shocked to hear that some of their snowboarding athletes and staff have been consuming substances during their time as sponsored snow-sports professionals reports The Japan Times.

“We’ve reached the limit in dealing them with internal stopgap measures. We thought it was necessary to get the issues clarified to regenerate the snowboarding team.” – Takahiko Takayama, SAJ Director (*Quote Courtesy of The Japan Times)

The result– an indefinite suspension and complete loss of scholarship support for two snowboarders who apparently used marijuana while in Colorado last February. Seven other SAJ members are being investigated for underage drinking. A third-party organization will complete a separate investigation before freestyle world cup events begin on Wednesday of next week. The only remaining question is– why are they acting so surprised?

Find the entire Japan Times article here: Ski Association of Japan suspends snowboarders, staff after scandalous behavior

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