To send or not to send– that is the question | Photo Credit (+Cover Photo): Jackson Hole Mountain Resort

Jackson Hole is often touted for its backcountry terrain but the fact remains that many who’ve ventured beyond the gates have yet to ski everything inbounds– including myself.

Crushing the list: Owen Leeper 2013/2014

The point being, the inbounds @Jackson has a lifetime worth of  challenging lines and variations. However, a few stick out as particularly notorious. From Corbets to Expert Chutes…

Here are the 5 most notorious lines at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort.

5) Corbet’s Couloir

Photo Credit:
Photo Credit: Enricokamasa

While Corbet’s isn’t the hardest run in Jackson, its positioning right in front of the oncoming trams makes skiing the run an intimidating experience. That said, all a skier has to do is drop 5-10 feet and make the best right turn of his or her life.

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4) “Super” Lonnie’s

Photo Credit: Jackson Hole Mountain Resort

The furthest skier’s left Expert Chute, “Lonnie’s” can be accessed from a few different points. However, to keep the fall line, enter from the left, drop a 5-10 foot rock, and ski the whole thing in one fell swoop.


3) Box Car – Casper Bowl

Photo Credit: Owen Leeper

Perhaps Owen Leeper and Max Hammer‘s consecutive airs off Boxcar made the line famous but skiers in JH have been hitting this thing for decades. It’s a burly line and if you stomp it, head directly down to the Casper Deck and spray everyone with beer.

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2) Alta Zero

Photo Credit: Owen Leeper
Photo Credit: Owen Leeper

Alta Zero, like many of the lines on this list, exists in plain view of the peanut gallery. It’s steep entrance and exposure make it intimidating but the air out of the bottom can be downright embarrassing. Just make sure to stomp.

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1) S&S Couloir

Hands down the biggest, most public line in JHole, S&S was a test piece for skiers like Doug Coombs, Jason Tattersall, and Rick Armstrong. Today, the same is true as Jackson’s best skiers will wait till conditions line up perfectly before poling off the top tram deck as fast as possible so they can claim the first and only fresh landing.

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