Turns like these require good skiing and proper avalanche awareness | Photo Credit : AIARE | Cover Photo: NWAC Facebook Page

Every year, skies and snowboarders head to their local shop with the hopes of buying a new splitboard, alpine touring, or tele setup so they can make some backcountry turns this year.

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However, what most people should invest in ahead of these purchases is Level 1 avalanche course sponsored by The American Institute For Avalanche Research and Education.

AIARE Mission: “Save lives through avalanche education”

The first class kicks off in Valdez, AK on December 4th and the last class is on April 16th in Estes Park, CO. In between, there are over 300+ classes that offer Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 certifications (the majority of which are Level 1).

A roadside avalanche | Photo Credit: AIARE

AIARE Level 1 Learning Outcomes

  • Plan and prepare for travel in avalanche terrain.
  • Recognize avalanche terrain.
  • Describe a basic framework for making decisions in avalanche terrain.
  • Learn and apply effective companion rescue.

[Find an avalanche course near you: 2016-2017 AIARE Avalanche Course List]

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