LuvBryd | The Dating App For Ski Bums

LuvBryd | The Dating App For Ski Bums


LuvBryd | The Dating App For Ski Bums


Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 10.06.04 AMThe recipe for love in a ski town is nothing new. Take two friends, put them in a familiar place, and add an inordinate amount of alcohol. BOOM– ski bum love.

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That said, the old equation has a litany of undesired consequences. Massive hangovers, awkward “what did we do last night” questions concerning the first sexual encounter, as well as the embarrassing morning-after tales from friends concerning your viscous PDA at the bar.

LuvBryd, a new dating app for outdoor enthusiasts, is trying to end that vicious cycle of alcohol dependency and in your face PDA by connecting its outdoor enthused users digitally. Started by Crested Butte local and ski bum, Mike Keshian, LuvBryd is the Tinder for ski bums and mountain town dwellers.

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Instead of meeting at the local sushi spot in attempt to show some class, LuvBryd users are more likely connect on their first date by mountain biking, skiing, or hiking. With that in mind, maybe the gondola cars need some extra cleaning this season. Squirrel???

LuvBryd Premium Features

  • Unlimited Messaging
  • Ability to see who likes you

Download the app here: LuvByrd

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