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14,259′ Longs Peak in Rocky Mountain National Park, CO | Photo Credit: ProfPete | Cover Photo: Bruce Dall

Just under a dozen Green Berets are literally sick and tired after spending a stressful Thursday night near the summit of one of Colorado’s highest peaks.

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Originally, the special forces group was supposed to spend just a single day on the 14,259′ Longs Peak but after a few soldiers started feeling the effects of altitude, team leaders alerted Rocky Mountain National Park personnel that they would be spending the night on the flanks of the famous front range 14’er.

“Late last night, Rocky Mountain National Park staff were notified that a group of [eleven]* people were requesting assistance on Kiener’s Route on Longs Peak.” National Park Spokesperson, Kyle Patterson

Originally, various social media reports indicated the soldiers were lost and missing. Those reports were false according to Lt. Col. Sean Ryan. On Friday the group made it to the summit of Longs, where they were subsequently evacuated by a series of helicopters.

National park personnel are claiming that the group was evacuated not “rescued” because they made it to the top of Longs Peak upon their own volition.

Find the entire ABC News article here: Helicopter Evacuation Launched for 11 Green Berets on Colorado Peak

*National Park Spokesperson, Kyle Patterson originally stated that they’re were ten missing persons when in fact there were 11.

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