Photo Credit (+Cover Photo): Iditarod Trail Committee Facebook Page
Photo Credit (+Cover Photo): Iditarod Trail Committee Facebook Page

A horrible incident has tainted what many refer to as “Last Great Race On Earth.” In a bizarre twist of events, a drunk snowmobiler seems to have purposefully ran over Iditarod competitor Jeff King and Aliy Zirkle’s beloved dogs. Former Iditarod champion, Jeff King’s dog Nash is now dead and numerous other dogs remain injured. 

The atrocity occurred before the Nulato checkpoint when Iditarod competitor, Aliy Zirkle was the first to be threatened by the snowmobiler. According to a press release, one of her dogs suffered a “non life threatening injury” in the encounter.

Jeff King was not so lucky.

Zirkle reported the incident to race officials, who proceeded to contact Alaska State troopers as well as a village police officer in Nulato. However, before police could apprehend the suspect, he continued his rampage and hit King’s dog team, narrowly missing the competitor by what King reffered to as “inches.”

So far police have identified the suspect as 26 year-old, Arnold Demoski. Demoski, who has since confessed to the heinous act, claims that he was “blackout drunk” when he drove his snowmobile through King and Zirkle’s dog teams. According to KTUU-TV, he admits that what he did was wrong and said, “I hope they can forgive me. I didn’t mean it.” Demoski is facing charges that include reckless endangerment, third degree assault, reckless driving, and five counts of fifth degree criminal mischief reports KTUU-TV.

Meanwhile, Jeff King and Aliy Zirkle will continue on their way with hopes of winning the “Last Great Race On Earth.”

*Our thoughts are with Jeff King and Aliy Zirkle during this trying time. 

Find the entire KTUU-TV article here: Snowmachiner faces assault, criminal mischief charges after striking dogs

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