5 New Years Resolutions Every Ski Bum Can Stick To...

5 New Years Resolutions Every Ski Bum Can Stick To...


5 New Years Resolutions Every Ski Bum Can Stick To...


Bars you normally frequent for free suddenly cost $40 to enter and if you’re solo (which is likely in a ski town), you’re left alone and feeling inadequate when the ball (no pun intended) drops. However, what New Years lacks in an actual party, it more than makes up for with a new year, new chances, and a deepening snowpack.

Here are 5 New Years Resolutions Every Ski Bum Can Stick To

5) Drink Cheaper Beer

Sure, PBR and Rainier are standbys but what about Busch Light, Steel Reserve, and Old Milwaukee’s Best? These cheap beers are as lonely as you are and they need company too. Also, you stand to save three or four bowls a ramen a week if you switch to a lower grade brew. Definitely don’t grab the six of micro-brews. Grab a 40 of Old English or 6 of America’s longest lasting and shittiest beers on the market.

4) Ski Every Month Of The Year

Photo Credit: Barclay Idsal

Photo Credit: Barclay Idsal

It’s really not that hard, especially if you live in Colorado. However, If you live in California you might have to travel over 10 hours for your September and October turns. But once it’s all said and done, the figurative 12-month champion belt can be worn during any casual gathering leading up to ski season. When asked, “You excited for ski season?” You simply reply, “it never ended for me brah; I skied last week.”

3) Sign Up For The Town Ski Race

Town Downhillers (Travis Rice On Left) | Photo Credit: Snow King Mountain

Town Downhillers (Yes, That’s Travis Rice On The Left) | Photo Credit: Snow King Mountain Facebook Page

Town downhill, banked slalom, fat and baggy beer league? All these work and provide a whole new aspect to skiing– racing. Most skiers would be surprised at how a competitive streak brings out the best in them as people, not to mention their skiing. So go get some amateur race boards and start bashing gates and living out those Tommy Moe dreams that have been floating in your head since your last race in 8th grade.

2) Eat More Greens

No I don’t mean Kale. Instead of getting some variation of meat lovers every time from the local pizza joint, grab the green option. It’s still got plenty of bread and butter, just add some artichokes, spinach, and mushrooms into the equation. Your gondola company will thank you later.

1) Go On A Ski Date

Instead of searching desperately for a lady (or guy) to share a cheap thrill when the clock strikes midnight, play it cool. Grab a beer and talk casually with someone who you find attractive and instead of getting pathetically desperate and drunk (trust me I’ve been there), set up a ski date for January 1st. You never know, you might just make it easy by waking up in their bed and going to the ski hill together.

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