Top 5 Gifts For Ski Bum Girlfriends

Top 5 Gifts For Ski Bum Girlfriends


Top 5 Gifts For Ski Bum Girlfriends


By Abbott Gilbane

The Holidays can be a hard time for the ski bum lady living in a ski town. Ski Bum boyfriends are never “rolling in it” as they say but that doesn’t mean a special gift that strikes a tone is out of reach.

Here are The Top 5 Gifts For Your Ski Bum Girlfriend.

5) Laundering Iron

Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 1.51.26 PM

Make this Christmas fun by giving her a gift that makes you look like a real chauvinist. Maybe she’ll yell at you. That could be fun.

4) Tuning Kit

Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 1.56.29 PM

Iron Not Included (See above)

Have this nearby after giving the iron, so you can show her how wrong she was to doubt you. You’re not a chauvinist. You know exactly what she likes, her skis. Make it a special Christmas by giving her a new way to connect with them. You’ve saved money on the iron by picking one up from target, which, set to a cotton appropriate setting will work just as well as a more expensive ski iron. Adding a pair of vise grips to the kit is a good idea. The Swix Helium Vise works great. Present the Ptex candle lit, on top of a cupcake so you can both get a little buzz on from the fumes, and enjoy a quick Christmas snack while learning to ski tune from the GOAT:

3) A boot dryer

Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 2.04.23 PM

Every classy lady deserves one of these. However, make sure it’s a stand-up boot-dryer that circulates the air, and has four posts. This will give your darling a place for her touring, and alpine boots. Not to mention, that kind of dryer can really tie a room together and she’ll think of you every time she slides into toasty warm ski boots in the morning. Also, that second row of dryers might come in handy when you want to skip stopping by your skid-pad to drop your ski gear off.

Stocking Stuffer Learned From Larry the Bootfitter: Dryer sheets are a great way to keep liners smelling great all season. Toss a box in with this gift. It will keep her boots smelling fresh all season. Now her feet will be dry and smell like Sunset Banana Breeze… SEXY.

2) Save Christmas

Let’s be honest, outside of the actual skiing, Christmas in a ski town is the worst if you’re a ski bum. You probably had to work Christmas Eve, and there’s a good chance you’re working Christmas, too. If you’re a Liftie you’ll be up early on Christmas for a nice 10 hour work day. If you’re lucky enough to have the day off work, Skyping with your family will probably only make it more obvious that your family is far away.

Guys, you can be forever linked to all this or you can seize this opportunity to save Christmas and be forever linked to all of your girlfriend’s positive Holliday memories.

Here’s how you do it

I saw an absolute ledge execute this move last year and it made me think, “Wow, you’re a really great guy. It makes sense that you have a smokeshow girlfriend and I don’t.” Call up her best friend from home. This may be her sister, her brother, a friend from high school, summer camp, etc. Now, invite them to your ski town, set a date sometime before closing day, put the tickets on your credit card. Present the gift how you see fit—probably some sort of handwritten letter—and boom, you just saved Christmas. Now sit back and hammer some eggnog while your girlfriend and her best friend have a totally awesome, happy phone conversation. Assume your role next to Saint Nick as the hero of Christmas.

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1) Jewelry

Dude, I hope you already knew this. Girls love jewelry. Try this Teton necklace, especially if you are outside of Teton County, where it might be a little over-played.

Don’t be weird, no rings.

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