WATCH: Snow Plow Safety PSA

WATCH: Snow Plow Safety PSA


WATCH: Snow Plow Safety PSA


As winter sets in a friendly reminder of how to coexist with the machines that keep our roads clear so we can get to our destination safely

-Don’t Crowd

-Don’t Tailgate

-Use Caution When Passing

-Operators Have Restricted Vision

…these may seem like common sense rules of the road but we have all seen the johnny out of towners not giving proper respect to road crews, slowing down the entire process for everyone trying to make their way. Be safe out there and remember these simple rules for a safer and more efficient mountain passage. 

***remember that emergency crews (ambulances, fire trucks) response times are dependent on clear roads the next time you feel like impeding a plowman’s job to get to your destination faster. 

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