Bone Zone

Although things might be bony on the rest of Brighton’s 1050 acres right now, Brighton’s terrain park crew and locals are getting together to celebrate the inaugural season of the “Bone Zone” coming to Brighton Resort. Currently the crew and locals are building features that will eventually be included in an early season terrain park. Aptly titled (we think) “The Bone Zone,” the tradition of creating early season features started on Guardsman Pass as a place for snowboard pros such as Ted Borland and Alex Andrews to get their tricks dialed in for the coming season.

Now that tradition is coming to Brighton Resort.

According to Borland and Andrews, “We had been creating parks in the woods for years during the pre-season. Since Brighton is our favorite place to ride, it was a perfect fit to bring the Bone Zone there!”

According to press release from the resort, the Bone Zone will be set in the beginner area known as “Explorer.” Involved in the makeshift park will be natural features that include log features as well as some steel rails.

The move came after skiers and riders brought out some of the terrain features prior to opening this past year, which eventaully hindered Brighton’s opening. So in order to appease all those concerned, Brighton Resort’s PR & Marketing Director, Jared Winkler says the resort and locals have joined forces to provide an early season park, where amateurs and pros alike can session multiple features. “We feel this is a great alternative that makes everyone happy,” said Winkler.

And you thought your crew was creative…

Although conditions and snowfall will dictate the opening date of the newly conceived Bone Zone, skiers and riders can keep up to date by checking the Brighton Resort website at or via instagram and twitter @brightonresort.

Check Out What The Builds Look Like Thus Far

(Photos courtesy of Alex Mlynarek @BrightonResort)

Bone Zone 4

Bone Zone 3

Bone Zone 7

Bone Zone 2

Bone Zone 6

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