Mt. Rose Ski Tahoe Raises Employee Minimum Wage To $11

Mt. Rose Ski Tahoe Raises Employee Minimum Wage To $11


Mt. Rose Ski Tahoe Raises Employee Minimum Wage To $11


In what Obama has tried to accomplish during his 7 years in office, Mt. Rose Ski Tahoe did this summer by raising its minimum wage to $11.00/hour. Starting September 1st, all employees at the Nevada Ski Resort will collect at least $11/hour, making it one of the first resorts to follow Vail Resorts’ lead in offering more sustainable pay to its employees.

Vail Resorts’ minimum wage is currently $10/hour. 

The increase reflects a 33% increase compared to the current minimum wage of $8.25/hour, which is the Nevada state standard. The California minimum wage is $9.

In an interview with the Reno Gazette Journal, director of marketing for Mt. Rose Ski Tahoe, Mike Pierce had this to say,

“Ultimately, our goal is to provide resort guests with a high quality experience every time they visit Mt. Rose Ski Tahoe. We are confident this wage increase will help us to both remain competitive as an employer, and attract and retain top talent across a variety of positions both on snow and in other departments that regularly engage with our guests.”

Mt. Rose

Photo Credit: Mt. Rose Ski Tahoe

All of this minimum wage talk begs the question… How can ski towns like Jackson, WY hope to keep its service industry employees, when the minimum wage sits at $7.25 and median rents soar to $2000/month?

The Entire Reno Gazette Journal Article Can Be Found Here: Mt. Rose Ski to increase starting wage for employees

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