Antelope Butte Map
Photo Courtesy of the Antelope Butte Foundation

Casper, WY- On Monday, a non-profit organization purchased the 250 acre Antelope Butte Ski Area in the northern Big Horn Mountains in hopes of reviving the deceased ski area for summer and winter use.

The Wyoming ski area, which lies along the popular Highway 14 route to Yellowstone, closed in 2004. Since it closure, the U.S. Forest Service has discussed tearing down the lifts and selling off the salvageable pieces. However, with the introduction of the Antelope Butte Foundation, such action may not be necessary and the ski area may operate again.

According to the non-profit’s website, “The Antelope Butte Foundation is a volunteer effort to reopen the Antelope Butte Ski and Recreation Area located in the Big Horn Mountains of Wyoming. We are endeavoring to rehabilitate the lifts and lodge and open for skiing and boarding.”

Yet, before operations commence, the foundation must make good on the first payment of $55,000 by mid August with later payments coming in March and November of 2016.

Plans include a winter opening for December of 2016 if all goes according to plan.

Route Ahead
Photo Courtesy of the Antelope Butte Foundation

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