NOW! - A Skimovie that changes your thinking!

NOW! - A Skimovie that changes your thinking!


NOW! - A Skimovie that changes your thinking!


A new ski film from the north of India (where it snows up to 20 feet per year) looks at the contrast of modern life and that of the skier.

Description translated by google:

“In our hectic world, however, the boundaries between today and tomorrow:
What is reality? Is there at all? Or do we create our own
Reality? When is now – always or never? Is it today or already
tomorrow? What is time? And what does it mean to us? Now! puts the now in the
Center. Past and future – only a Mind Game? The brief moment of
Presence is our most precious asset, because only here happens our lives.
Past and future disappear. Our protagonist Andreas Priel Maier,
Robert Schlemer and Stefan Kappl set out to search for the now. You
meet people, find snow, surf through steep walls, draw traces by
Mountains and dare a first descent of a nearly 5,000-meter-high
Himalayan giants. Live your life! Come with me to now – Now!”

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