How To Build A Ski Quiver 101

How To Build A Ski Quiver 101


How To Build A Ski Quiver 101


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So you’re looking to build a ski quiver, but you don’t know where to start. Here are the 4 types of skis we recommend as the foundation to a solid ski quiver.

Rock Skis: Rock skis are the workhorses you bring out early season or when the coverage is thin. They will take the coreshots and blown out edges so that your good sets of skis don’t get all messed up. Most often they are a set of skis that already have a number of seasons on them but have not yet been downgraded to the pile of skis you are one day going to make a chair out of.

Hardpack Skis: When the snow has not flown for awhile and things start to firm up you can still have fun by jumping on a pair of frontside rippers. Generally hardpack or frontside skis are 85mm or less under foot. These are a good set of skis to keep well tuned.

Daily Driver: A pair of freeride boards that are 90-105mm underfoot are the skis you will most likely ski on a daily basis. This is a popular category and there are a ton of skis to choose from.

Powder Boards: When the skies open and it starts dumping you’re going to want to have some fatties. Powder skis are generally 110+mm underfoot and do an amazing job of making you look like a better powder skier than you really are. They will also keep your legs fresh so you can stay out there from bell to bell.

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