Even if your an old hand in the backcountry it never hurts to refresh your knowledge. Whether its rereading Snow Sense for the millionth time or watching little vids like this.

Make sure you and your friends carry the following at all times in the backcountry.
– Beacon: This is essentially a GPS to you in case you’re buried.
– Probe: This is a huge time saver to locate someone before digging
– Shovel: Great for building jumps, Great for digging out people.

If you’re at all planning on going into the back country, it is in your best interest to do an avalanche course. You will learn absolutely everything that you’ll need to know to have the most fun while making educated decisions.

The mountain doesn’t care whether you’re a skier, or a snowboarder. If you mess around, there is a huge chance that you will get punished. Please stay safe and watch out for your friends.

– Signs of avalanche activity within the last 48 hours
– Significantly loading from snow, wind or rain within the last 48 hours
– Are you in an obvious avalanche path or entry zone
– Trees, cliffs and other obstacles that might increase danger
– Signs of unstable snow, like cracking and hollow sounds
– Significant melting of the snow surface from rain and sun

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