Happo One, Japan....Opening Day Freshies

Happo One, Japan....Opening Day Freshies


Happo One, Japan....Opening Day Freshies


Looks pretty choice over in good ole Nippon. I think this guy was literally smiling from top to bottom.  Here is a little info on Hakuba Happo-One:

Hakuba Happo-one located on the island of Honshu is one of Japan’s largest and most famous ski resorts. From Nagano it takes just over one hour by bus or you can take a train from Matsumoto station to Hakuba station (one transfer) which also takes just over an hour. The area is blessed with breathtaking panoramic views of Hakuba’s hugely impressive mountain range and striking beauty of excellence. It is also known as the competition venue for the 1998 Olympic Winter Games Nagano and thus offers visitors to the region exciting and challenging ski slopes.


Go HERE for more info on the resort. If you end up going make sure to send in the pics and vids…we love Japan!


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