FWQ Profile | Zac Horrocks | The Man with the lovely Locks

FWQ Profile | Zac Horrocks | The Man with the lovely Locks


FWQ Profile | Zac Horrocks | The Man with the lovely Locks




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Zac Horrocks

By my calculations Zac finished 14th overall on the Americas side of the FWQ this season. Not bad for a mogul skier from Iceface:) See you on tour next year my friend!

DOB 3/4/88

Where did you grow up skiing?

Born and raised in Lake Placid, NY skiing none other than the infamous Whiteface.

Where is your home hill now?

Split my season between Whiteface and Alta for the past three seasons

What is your favorite thing about your home hill?

Skiing is all about lunch! Whiteface is steep, fast and firm.


When was your first Freeskiing competition? How did it go?

I did my first comp three seasons ago at Snowbird. Missed the final cut by .1 behind Julian Carr

What is your favorite part of the FWQ?

Duh… free beer

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Name this spot and I will give you a big high five and lots of props.


What keeps you coming back?

I can’t imagine doing anything else. Winter is the season for getting it.

What have you been working on improving for this season?

Trying to intelligently and consistently move up the ladder in hopes of someday making the FWT

What do you do to train for the FWQ?

Do my best to train at the OTC pool in the summer. Ski every day I can.

Do you have a favorite event on the FWQ?

Bird Comp is by far my favorite.

Who is your favorite rider?

Whoever puts on the best show

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Who influenced you most?

Mogul skier Janne Lahtela has been the most influential skier to me.

If you could go skiing with anyone, who would it be?

My vote would be for a Chinese downhill with the FWT/FWQ riders

Sponsor shout outs?

Kastle skis, Pret helmets, 801 Powder

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Any other shout outs?

Whiteface freestyle program, Alta Peruvian lodge, P-dog ski shop, LP crew

Anything else unique about you, your skiing story, and how you go to where you are now?

I have no sense of smell. Outside the ski world, I make my living as a Hunting and Fishing guide in the Adirondacks. I grew up skiing moguls and learning to love life under the great Richie Morgan. If you know Richie, this should explain everything.

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Takin’ what they Givin’ cuz I workin’ for a livin’


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