Footage Of Deadly Avalanche @ Sochi Olympic Resort

Footage Of Deadly Avalanche @ Sochi Olympic Resort


Footage Of Deadly Avalanche @ Sochi Olympic Resort


Over the weekend we reported on the deadly avalanche that struck at the Sochi resort of Roza Khutor (Avalanche at Sochi Olympic Mountain Kills 2 Skiers on Trail). Today we were sent a video of the avalanche and rescue that followed. Hopefully we can all learn something from this tragic event. 

Here is a translation of the video’s description: “The footage , made ​​by snowboarders , is seen as an avalanche suddenly covers a large number of tourists immediately . At this point, they stopped to rest. Everything happens instantly. Small but powerful wave rolled over the snowy slope and covers several vacationers.

As it turned out specialists, the avalanche was very small, but even such a gathering snow claimed the lives of two people.

Immediately after the incident, tourists tried to find and dig out the remaining people under snowdrifts.

Recall March 23 in Sochi avalanche covered a group of six people who went down the ski slopes of “Labyrinth”. After the avalanche , three of them managed to escape on their own. Language avalanche was about 100 m Volume of snow came down – about 100 cubic meters.

Rescuers arrived 15 minutes after people started to look for themselves and trying to save people . Two, unfortunately, could not be saved. Identity of one of the victims is set – is a resident of Krymsk , 46 -year-old Elena Połchowo . Second identity is not established yet , experts have found only her presumable age – 16 years.

According to an eyewitness of the tragedy Michael Karamysheva, nothing in this day and on this track no signs of trouble.

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