French Government Supports Arrest of British Ski Instructors

French Government Supports Arrest of British Ski Instructors


French Government Supports Arrest of British Ski Instructors


Screen shot 2014-03-03 at 3.36.35 PM is reporting on the French Government’s support of the arrest of British ski instructor Simon Butler and his colleagues on charges of teaching without the correct qualifications. You can read full details of the arrest in this earlier PlanetSKI story.

“The French Embassy in London has released a statement with the headline, “Piste war? No, France loves British skiers and British ski instructors”

Recent articles have suggested it was wrong of French officials to arrest Simon Butler, despite his operating illegally as a ski instructor in France. This has led to accusations that France was flouting European law and being protectionist in so doing. This is erroneous and misguided,” said the statement released by The Embassy.

It goes on to say that the regulations in France are similar to other European nations and the French are not anti-British. 

It claims its rules are recognised by the EU and are similar to those in Italy and Austria.

“Mr Butler was informed, as acknowledged by the British Association of Snowsport Instructors, that he did not have the appropriate credentials (Eurotest). Mr Butler was offered the chance to take the examination but has to date been unwilling or unable to complete it,” the statement from the French Embassy goes on to say.

It details the lengthy history of Mt Butler’s clashes with the authorities stretching back to 2004. 

“It is worth remembering that most British tour operators and ski schools in France have happily adopted the current standards and are thriving. More than 300,000 British skiers enjoy French slopes and resorts each year, and no fewer than 19 different British ski schools are listed,” the statement says.

The Embassy goes on to criticise the behaviour of Mr Butler and says the vast majority of British instructors, about 350, work legitimately in France.”

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