Josh Daiek and Courmayeur FWT Stop | Freeride World Tour Profile and Preview

Josh Daiek and Courmayeur FWT Stop | Freeride World Tour Profile and Preview


Josh Daiek and Courmayeur FWT Stop | Freeride World Tour Profile and Preview


Josh Daiek embodies the Aspen Extreme dream so many skiers have had at one point or another in their life. He grew up in Michigan, somehow fell in love with skiing and the mountain lifestyle, took a chance, moved to Kirkwood, and has been living and breathing the freeskiing lifestyle ever since. All his hard work and dedication has paid off with another chance to show the world what he is made of on this years Freeride World Tour.

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An electrifying freeskier Daiek has made his presence felt right from the start of his competition days. He began competing in 2005 on the Freeskiing World Tour (prior to the tour’s merger with Freeride World Tour) and was know as “Baby J” due to his young age. At that time he was a Protégé of frequent champion Craig Garbiel. The student quickly became the master as Daiek was nominated for a Sickbird buckle (He currently owns two) on nearly every run of his career before winning the overall Freeskiing World Tour  title in 2008.  Everything was going his way until a knee injury sidelined him in 2009. After taking over a full season to heal Josh stormed back onto the scene winning both the 2011 and 2012 Kirkwood freeride skiing competitions. Learn more about Josh Daiek on his FWT Bio Page.

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The 2013 season marked Daiek’s first year on the Freeride World Tour and unfortunately things did not go exactly as he had planned. Despite a few disappointing results Daiek was granted a Wild Card invitation to the 2014 Freeride World Tour.  No stranger to adversity, Daiek is likely to make his move back to the top again this season on the FWT. With the support of his sponsors, friends and long time girlfriend and FWQ snowboard competitor Casey Lucas you can count on Josh Daiek to show up and throw down this season.

The first stop of this year’s Freeride World Tour will begin Courmayeur, Italy. This venue is one of the more open and flowy pieces of terrain on the tour. Keep an eye on riders who have some freestyle tricks up their sleeves to shine on the natural features, which abound on the Italian side on Mont Blanc.

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