Shaun White Gets A Haircut []

Shaun White Gets A Haircut []


Shaun White Gets A Haircut []




Shaun Whites New Haircut


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Aside from the fierce snowboarding skills seen in the 2006 and 2010 Winter Olympics, Shaun White is perhaps best known for his signature bushel of long, curly red hair.

At least until now.

The two-time Olympic gold medalist posted a video to YouTube on Tuesday in which he has his long locks chopped off. White said he had been thinking of making the change “for a while” and would donate his hair to Locks of Love, which requires that a ponytail be at least 10 inches long.

The YouTube clip opens with White sitting nervously in the passenger seat of a car on his way to the salon, rubbing his forehead anxiously. The snowboarder, who is — or was — affectionately known as the “Flying Tomato,” says in the video that he hadn’t told anyone what he was planning to do. “I’m just going to show up and mind-freak people,” he says.

From there, the two-minute video shows the evolution of White’s haircut, with the bulk being trimmed off in one massive snip of his ponytail. “Stop,” he yells with a smile on his face as the stylist’s scissors first touch his hair.

The video closes with White waving his old ponytail in the air and saying, “Bye-bye.”

“It’s only hair,” he tweeted on Tuesday.

Hey, they don’t call us SkiMZ for nothing!

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