Swiss Government Funds Project To Make Locals More "Friendly"

Swiss Government Funds Project To Make Locals More "Friendly"


Swiss Government Funds Project To Make Locals More "Friendly"


Lets face it, the Swiss population have a bad reputation for being unfriendly hosts. There are thousands of stories out there of skiers leaving the Swiss Alps with a very bad impression of the local population. Some cite this unfriendliness as one of the major factors leading to a downturn in skier visits to the Swiss Alps.

In response to significant drops in tourism rates and perceived “lack of friendliness,” a new government funded project is teaching people in mountain resorts, like St. Moritz, how to kiss a little ass and be more friendly.

As of December 2012, Projekt Herzlichkeit (Project Friendliness) has coached “warmth and affability to over 1,050 people.” Fadri Cazin, a project coach, says that at first the locals are reluctant to change their ways “but then at the end of the seminar you hear, ‘Oh no, okay, there are a few things we could change.”

 Switzerland Tourism Facts:

Drop in tourism between 2008 and 2011:

  • Overnight stays, total Switzerland (down 4.9%)
  • Overnight stays, total Swiss Alpine region (down 9.6%)
  • Overnight stays, Swiss tourists (down 0.5%)
  • Overnight stays, Europeans (excluding Swiss) (down 15.6%)
Overnight stays, overseas visitors (down 8.2%)

Tourists in 2011, by region:

  • 44.4% of tourists in Switzerland came from Switzerland;
  • 39.8% came from non-Swiss Europe;
  • 8.3% came from Asia;
  • 6% came from North America;
  • 0.8% came from Africa;
  • and 0.8% came from Australia and New Zealand.
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