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Ski Tuning Essentials | Unofficial List of the Week

Ski Tuning Essentials | Unofficial List of the Week


Ski Tuning Essentials | Unofficial List of the Week


1. Swix Waxing Iron

The first item you need to get up and running with your own tuning kit is an iron for waxing.  Swix offers some of the most reliable irons out there, heat up with the Swix Waxing Iron.

2. Swix Plexi 3mm ScraperSwix CH10 Ski Wax

Once you wax on, you need to wax off.  With the 3mm Plexi Scraper you’ll be able to scrape the excess wax from your skis with the greatest of ease.

3. DaKine Metal Scraper

Ever had that annoying shark fin on the bottom of you skis?  Ya, we all have.  With the DaKine metal scraper you can shear off the strands left from a core shot and prep for P-Tex.

4. Swix Soft Gummy Stone

When your edges are over sharpened or your skis are hooking up strange, go ahead and detune the tips and tails back around 3-5 cm from snow contact with the Swix Gummy Stone.

5. Dakine Pocket Stone

Debur your edges after some heavy abuse with the DaKine Pocket Stone…it even fits in your pocket!  😉

6. Swix Alpine Tuning Kit (Small)

This little kit comes with a pocket size edge file to set both base and side bevel, a bar of universal rub on wax, and a Fibertex cork pad for polishing your bases after a wax.

7. Swix Rectangular Medium Bronze Brush

After you wax your skis you need to be sure and get all the excess wax off you base and seal the wax in, which is exactly what the Swix Bronze Brush was designed to do.

Swix Iron8.Swix CH 10 Yellow Ski Wax

If your tuning your own skis, you’re going to need some wax.  Swix CH10 Yellow Ski Wax is optimal for most days in Tahoe.

9.Swix CH 8 Red Ski Wax

When temperatures drop out you need to apply a wax to meet those temps, with Swix Red wax you’ll be ready for temps in the mid 20’s.

10. Swix LF 8 Red Ski Wax

On days when you really want to beat your friends to the bottom, lay on a coat of high quality LF wax and watch your skis glide faster than ever.



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