Whistler = $$$$ Tree Skiing & a Bear Sighting | Today’s Photo Tour

Whistler = $$$$ Tree Skiing & a Bear Sighting | Today’s Photo Tour


Whistler = $$$$ Tree Skiing & a Bear Sighting | Today’s Photo Tour


Kyhber’s pillow situation

Yeah, we saw a bear charging down the cat track after coming out of Khyber’s today. For a sec, I couldn’t figure out what it was. It was a little black bear going full speed away from us as I followed him on skis. He kept in front of me for about 100 yards then took a hard left into the thickest forest around. Amazing that animals can live out here in this stuff and I’m bitchin’ about the cold and snow and dense trees after one run…

bear paw print on Kyber’s cat track today


  • Fog layer on the lower mountain
  • Fog layer on very top of the mountain
  • Decent visibility in between fog layers
  • Snowing lightly all day
  • 8” +/- all over the upper mountain

…found a brand new pillow zone today. Clearly others know about it. Kinda puts you right into the dreaded “Christmas Tree Farm” tho.


  • We really only skied Khyber’s today
  • Khyber’s had very few tracks, tons of open powder, fun pillows and bumps everywhere (early season conditions), good visibility, and only a few techy tight spots
  • Lotza, lotza pillows in Khyber’s right now making it an absolute hoot
  • Dave Murray Downhill’s 2nd knoll was doin’ the mule kick thing
  • A-Line was Stupid Fun and had me laughing and hooting at every bank-turn & table-top

Peak Chair bro-down-fog-ride


  • No one on the upper mountain. It was lonely out there. Khyber’s felt about as populated as the moon.

Upper Khyber’s view between fog layers


  • It was great day to hide from the mist out in Khyber’s and pop pillows and ski fresh snow all day. A-Line was ridiculous as per usual and the Dave Murray Downhill knolls put the fear of god in ya at low-vis and high speed.
  • Today was a very fun day.

Peak Char “line” all day today


whis snow stats


Whis forecast


There were definitely some tight spots in Khyber’s today


Peak Chair today ascending into the upper fog layer


Cal Poly Ski and Snowboard Club racking up GNAR points with nudity in on a damn cold day at Whis


Looking up at the lower mountain fog layer up about 200 meters from the base


Between the fog layers vis was good


The roof top visibility today


The trees tell the story…




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