If you're looking for a touring boot that skis like an alpine boot, check out the Cochise 130 Pro from Technica Tecnica Cochise 130 Pro | Unofficial Gear Review | Unofficial Networks

Tecnica Cochise 130 Pro | Unofficial Gear Review

Tecnica Cochise 130 Pro | Unofficial Gear Review


Tecnica Cochise 130 Pro | Unofficial Gear Review


Cochise 130 Pro

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With the Tecnica Cochise 130 Pro, it doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned backcountry veteran or someone looking to start venturing into the sidecountry at your local resort, you are going to love this boot.  It’s considerably lighter than a traditional alpine ski boot and comes with an easy to use walk mode, but remains stiff and powerful.


  • Sizes: 25.0-31.0
  • Flex Index: 130
  • Walk Mode: Yes
  • Last: 98mm

Area of Expertise:

  • Light and easy on the way up hill, strong and powerful on the way back down

Life Span:

  • 100-150 days on snow

The Cochise 130 Pro has adopted the new three buckle design that is becoming popular in a number of the major boot companies.  Detracting from the traditional four buckle design can definitely have an impact on how well the boot holds your heel down, but Tecnica has done a good job to offset this issue.  Their top buckle is extra wide and situated lower on the cuff to maximize heel retention.  They also introduced a power buckle strap…rather than a traditional power strap which only implements Velcro, the Cochise 130 Pro has a buckle that works in tandem with the power strap, you tighten the power strap and then get an extra notch of torque from the buckle.

The man who started it all, the late Arne Backstrom

The man who started it all, the late Arne Backstrom

The walk mode of the Tecnica Cochise 130 Pro is among the easiest to engage and also among the most fail safe.  Older touring boots on the market have issues with getting the boot back into ski mode due to cold weather, freezing components, and at times simply broken components.  With the Cochise 130 Pro, you won’t have to worry about any of this, as you can easily engage and disengage walk mode…without ever taking off your gloves!

One of the key features of the Cochise is their interchangeable soles.  The Cochise 130 Pro comes with DIN soles, a sole compatible with all major alpine bindings, as well as alpine touring bindings.  But you can get a second pair of Tech Soles that are compatible with the battle proven Dynafit binding system (if you are interested in a lighter version of the Cochise 130 Pro, checkout the Tecnica Cochise Pro Light, which comes stock with the Dynafit compatible Tech Soles).  And, as an added bonus you can swap soles in the seasons to come as you walk down your heels.

Cochise 130 Pro fitted with Dynafit Compatible Tech Soles

Cochise 130 Pro fitted with Dynafit Compatible Tech Soles

While this boot is light on the way up, it  doesn’t sacrifice anything on stability for the ride back down.  The 130 flex is as true of a 130 as any Alpine boot on the market, and with a narrow 98mm last, this is a performance oriented machine.  As with any boot, you need to try it on to ensure a proper fit, but chances are the Cochise 130 Pro will fit your foot like a glove…or maybe a booty?

For a solid alpine touring boot that can handle both the uphill and the downhill, checkout the Tecnica Cochise 130 Pro ski boot.

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