Bam Margera kayaking stunt
The Twit-Pic Margera posted from the hospital

 Yeah I’m sure you’re all thinking the same thing that I am, WHAT A JACKASS!

Bam Margera attempted this stunt on May 31st with professional kayaker Steve Fisher in Oregon.  It is quite obvious this stunt was doomed from the beginning, but I am looking forward to when MTV or whoever was involved releases the video of the stunt.

The next question I’m sure you’re all wanting to know is if Steve Fisher is alright? It appears that Steve Fisher is alright, except Bam Margera went to the hospital for emergency hernia surgery.

World Record Tandem Kayak – 70 Feet

“I mean it’s basically like Shaun White and Travis Rice on one snowboard together, BUT kayaking.”

-Anton Emmler

“Soon others are going to follow in our footsteps, were going to have tandem free-style motocross, tandem stakeboarding, tandem skiing, its just a matter of time”

-Anton Emmler

Anton Emmler might have been joking, but a couple guys took tandem skiing pretty seriously at the 2011 Cushing Crossing.

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