High Fives mark accomplishment and encouragement, and signify victory and elation. They’re what you give your best friend after they just did something sick. High Fives are awesome. The High Fives Foundation might be the best High Five of them all however. Roy Tuscany started the organization to help athletes who have suffered a life altering injury in the action sports environment. The Non-Profit organization based out of Truckee, CA has been putting on the TRAiNS event for 5 winters now, and it’s one of the best times of the year in Tahoe. Alpine Meadows has hosted the event for the past 2 winters and designed some pretty rad features.

Trains attracted a pretty good size crowd

There was some amazing talent out there this year. Nick Goepper, the Paul Mitchell Breakthrough Athlete of the year was here. He’s fresh off podiuming almost every major slopestyle event in the world this year, and was Winter X games slopestyle Silver Medalist. He’s also still a junior in High School. So were Level 1 signature athletes Parker White and Chris Logan. The local talent was also on display with Garrett Russell, Carson Lehoullier, Andy McDowell, Danny Tourmarkine, Cooper Davidson, Austin Simonpietri, Davis Souza, Michelle Parker and lots of others. Super Groms Aspen Spora, Logan and Cody Laplante joined the party and it went down.

3 jump option for the bottom feature at TRAiNS

Think rapid fire athletes launching over 3 jumps at the same time , or in large TRAINS. Jamie Lavalle from Marker/Volkl cooks up some of the best chicken wings you’ll ever eat, the crowds come out, and a big party is thrown. The athletes competed for the first part of the day to determine best 540, best Male, and best Female. These categories were won by Andy McDowell, Nick Goepper, and ┬áMarta Krusell (who is 13 and wasn’t even in the event!!) . These 3 then chose teams of 11 to compete for the chance to donate $5,000 to charities. A great event for a great cause.

  • Best Male: Nick Goepper donated $1,000 to the Reeve Irvine Research Center
  • Best Female: Marta Krusell donated $1,000 to the Shane McConkey Foundation
  • Best 540: Andy McDowell donated $1,000 to SkiD.U.C.K.
  • Best TRAiNS Team: Green Team donated $2,000 to the Shane McConkey Foundation
The top feature had both a large jump and box feature

Thanks to High Fives Foundation for putting on such an amazing event and helping out athletes in every way possible. You guys rock, and HIGH FIVES TO YOU.


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