It really all depends on who you manage to ski with on certain days.  March 19th in Jackson I kept my ears open on the tram and found a couple of solid skiers heading exactly where I was going with the same intent, launch cliffs, and ski pow, all day long.

Insert the Lovely brothers, Matt and Eric.  A full day with these guys and you will be smiling, drinking beers and one happy dude.  The kind of insta-friends that only great terrain, 19 new inches and bottomless cliff landings will cement into history.  These are the guys you want on your team, scouting cliffs for you, making sure your safe in the zones, and even spoon feeding you possibly the best pillow line in history

Cheers to the Lovely Bros for showing me around Jackson! 

And cheers to deep dry powder and like minded individuals getting on the same page for a day.

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17 replies on “Deep Jackson Hole POW with the Lovely Brothers”