skier video mishap

Want a rope tow wedgie? No, neither do I. Want to get a good laugh at the expense of someone else getting a rope tow wedgie? Yeah, that’s more like it.

Let’s take a step back and have a good ol’ laugh at ourselves. After all, we are all human and arguably what humans do best is make mistakes. Case and point, this video of a middle-age skier at Alta, UT showing us how not to use the rope tow.

Oh, this is a treasured moment… So many questions come to mind. Perhaps this skier knew what he was doing and actually likes wedgies? What do you think hurt more, his jewels or his pride? One question I have: how did I not discover this sooner?

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12 replies on “Humans Are Stupid – Daily Video Reminder | Alta, UT Rope Tow Wedgie”