White Wolf will NOT be a part of the zone that is open tomorrow…but will be someday


Tomorrow, we will legally leave Squaw’s boundary for the first time and more importantly, get to ski some of the mysterious White Wolf zone for the first time ever.

We’ve always dreamed of being able to ski between Squaw & Alpine. To access one from the other and have access to 6,000+ acres of killer terrain on the same ski day. Tomorrow, that dream becomes reality (cliché necessary, of course).

Troy Caldwell, the owner of White Wolf (the area between Squaw & Alpine), has groomed a cat track from the saddle of KT-22 up the ridge that drops into Alpine’s Bernies Bowl. Troy also groomed a bit above that towards Estell Peak at Alpine to assist in the traverse. These cat tracks are within the boundaries of White Wolf.

Squaw in blue, Alpine in red, White Wolf in purple. Just left of White Wolf will be open tomorrow.


– Access gate at the saddle of KT-22 at Squaw

– Access from Alpine via Estell Peak (& nearby)

– Hiking will be required (you won’t be able to just ski from resort to resort)

– This opening between resorts will begin tomorrow and stay open until April 29th (Squaw’s closing date)

– Tomorrow will mark the first time Squaw has ever opened it’s boundary

– Tomorrow will mark the first time the public has ever been allowed to ski White Wolf

more White Wolf terrain you won’t get to ski tomorrow. photo: Travis Ganong

This will change everything. We can ski from resort to resort and that’s a big step towards connecting the two. In fact, this is the first ever out of bounds policy Squaw has ever adopted. For the first time ever, you can legally leave Squaw’s boundary tomorrow.

We’ll have someone out there checking it out for you all tomorrow and have a report up on how well this “connect” works.

Are you guys fired up about this? I am. It’s gonna be a trip to take a step into the forbidden no-man’s-land between Squaw & Alpine tomorrow.

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