Miracle March drapped onto Eagle’s Next and KT-22 @ Squaw Valley
Miracle March draped onto Eagle’s Next and KT-22 @ Squaw Valley

Miracle March.  Is it just another overly handicapped piece of the bro-brah lexicon?  Most years = yes.  This year = no.  In a season where it damn near didn’t snow at all, March came through like a steroid laden clean up hitter.  March more than doubled our seasonal snow total this year, erased a lot of horrible memories, and left people in Tahoe with something to be proud of once more.

I just got off the phone with Donner Summit’s UC Berkeley Snow Laboratory scientist Randall Osterhuber.  He was kind enough to share these impressive March snowfall numbers with us today.  Thanks Randall.  (The snow lab is located on Donner Summit at 6,900 feet)

What’s really funny is the Jackson Hole keep bragging about how much snow they’ve gotten.  They’ve gotten 364 inches of snow this year and it’s a banner year.  Tahoe is having one of it’s worst season’s and here we are at 327 inches of snow at Squaw this year.  Just sayin’…


– 372 cms (146 inches) of snowfall


– 355 cms (140 inches) of snowfall


– Snowfall = 79% of average to date at 727 cms (286 inches)

– Precipitation = 83% of average to date at 919 mm (36.2 inches)

– Snow depth = 74% average to date at 178 cms (70 inches)
Squaw Valley snow totals
Squaw Valley’s Snowfall Tracker is reporting 142” of snow before March and 185 inches of snow in March.  March was big in Lake Tahoe.
It was good to see our mentality of “anything can happen in the Sierra Nevada” come true.  Now, we just need Astonishing April, right?

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