Now that we are looking at warm dry weather for the next week or so the powder of last week is becoming just a fond memory. The storms last week reminded us of how good it can be, and how good it was all last Winter. Deep soft snow is why we all came to Utah in the first place. It makes you feel like a rockstar and it also makes you giggle when it hits you in the face over and over. Matt Heffernan sent in this edit from his good times in Big Cottonwood Canyon last week. He skied some killer lines and tossed so super clean tricks that all add up to a damn good edit. It would be nice to get some more days like these. I think it is coming in April. What do you think?


Nice Pillow Line – 0:35 (must be at Brighton….pillow lines in Utah usually live at Brighton)

Really solid D-Spin 7 – 1:00

Nice Straitline – 1:15

Switch 5 – 1:30 (Or is is a Switch Rodeo 5 or a Switch Underflip?)


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