Saucer Boy GNAR

That’s right people.  Today is the much celebrated International Day of G.N.A.R.  On this day two years ago, Unofficial held the game of G.N.A.R. at Squaw Valley USA.  Of course, we pushed it a bit two far with the naked skiing thing and Squaw management kicked us out.  That only makes this day stick out in infamy like the half-empty bottle of Jack being wielded around like a trophy by a snowlerblader in line at KT at 10:15am on a tuesday.  

To re-familiarize yourself with G.N.A.R. – G.N.A.R….the Movie

So, what do we do on the Day of G.N.A.R?

– Get out on the hill today.  

– Show your G.N.A.R.  

– Get photos of how G.N.A.R. you get.  

Post them on our Facebook page and wrench some smiles out of the masses.  Our FB page:  Unofficial’s FB Page

– And of course, keep a tally of how many G.N.A.R. points you garner and advertise it proudly.

The winner of last year’s International Day of G.N.A.R. was Squaw Valley’s own Benjamin Brackett.  He dominated from the start by cooking breakfast in line at KT before it opened and by getting first chair on KT.  Miss ya Benny.

Benny’s domination of KT Lift line on GNAR day 2011

from last year’s G.N.A.R. Day:

Oh, you’re the competitive type, are you?  You demand to know who won the game of GNAR yesterday, do you?  Well, ladies and gentlemen, it was no contest.  Benjamin Brackett showed up to KT early, cooked breakfast in line, and got first KT chair.  That combination alone got him 5,000 GNAR points before 9:01am and from there no one even got close.  Hats off to you Ben-jamin’, you are the first ever International Day of GNAR Champion.  Damn, that has got to feel good.

GNAR Day 2011 Baby at Squaw

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