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I like to Hate? no, no I mean I LIKE Stuff?

HATE = the new LIKE.

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I like to Hate? no,no,no I mean U like stuff?

Ok it’s a strong word to use.   I am not the only one throwing it down recently.  First thing is “Don’t go out of your way to tell me you don’t like what I do, or you have a problem with me or my standing in life.” If you really did not value someone or something the cold shoulder is a much better alternative than hanging your dirty laundry in the air.  This just makes all the more sense, mockery is the highest form of flattery, whether you like it or not.

When you hate something you watch it more, pick on it, swear at it, you even become more obsessed with it which feeds it and helps it grow.  You want to see it fail, you rejoice in its shortcomings, and deep down inside the reason HATE = the new LIKE is that you don’t or can’t accept something being that cool or for some reason you feel left out….I get it, life sucks.

When I ski a big line no one has the balls to hit..if i fall…they scream…if i stomp..they barely mumble..people love to see other people fail, it’s human nature, a sick one at that!  I hear more about how awesome my toma-hawks are than a 40 footer to ice bulg landing ski away clean.  POSITIVITY is the key, the ski industry is too small to be mincing words especially LIKE or HATE lets just get along and make pow turns and put away the agendas and egos, hey how about feelings as well because those just f*@k with people and make things more complicated.  Leave those at the door too!

HOLY SHIT it needs to snow bad! Good thing winter is finally hear. People get cranky when it doesn’t snow, chill out bro, brah brahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! blah blah blah…


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I am def. clicking "like" on this!


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