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If you live in a place on this planet where the snow is falling, then I bet your couches are full of friends from less fortunate areas who got fed up with no winter, quit their jobs, and came to mooch off of you. Leo Ahrens and some of the Dubsatch crew tried to escape the snowless vortex of Utah once before this season, but happened to land here in Whistler during the painful December dry spell. Well, once back in Utah, Dubsatch Collective again felt the pains of drought. This time they did it right, skipping B.C. and heading straight to Alaska.

no snow? go to Alaska

Nate Cahoon, Sammo Sohen and Leo Ahrens are now up in Alaska and shredding. Ease your own drought pains and suicidal thoughts by living vicariously through this trio and their Alaska adventures. Check out their blog for updates, stories, and pics. Or, find your own couch in Alaska or Europe. I guess you could do both. 

no snow? go to Alaska


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