Still not sure what to do with no snow? Broomball may (not) be the answer. June-uary in Tahoe – Part 2 | Unofficial Networks

June-uary in Tahoe - Part 2

June-uary in Tahoe - Part 2


June-uary in Tahoe - Part 2


Tuesday night Broomball in Truckee.


Some may say that Broomball is a stupid sport.  Some may say that it is the stupidest sport.  And some might be right.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not putting Broomball down.  I love this pseudo-sport.  One just needs to understand that the recipe for broomball is:

1 part intensity

1 part athleticism

2 parts silliness

Add beer to taste and serve on ice.


Things heat up near the goal. Goals scored by girls are worth two points.

This recipe makes it the most raucus and spirited of all the beer-league sports.  Teams from as far as Reno drive to Truckee to participate in the savage ritual of Tuesday night Broomball.  It’s a ton of fun.


At any given moment there is at least one person falling on the ice.


You may still be skeptical, but this is a sport that people take very seriously.  In fact, it is an international sport that has it’s own governing body, the International Federation of Broomball Associations (IFBA).  They keep the rules straight and organize the World Broomball Championships every two years.  That’s right I said World Broomball Championships.  Canada, where the sport originated, is home to the Canadian Broomball Federation, which not only sounds like a very serious organization, it actually might be.  In an apparent bid to add Broomball to the list of Winter Olympic Sports the CBF joined the Canadian Olympic Committee.  I wonder what TV time slot that would get?

You may not be captaining a team to the Broomball World Championships anytime soon, but you gotta give it a shot to appreciate it.  The Truckee Recreation Park District Sports has eight teams this year and is already in it’s third week of games.  So find someone you can fill in for or start organizing your team for next year!

It's like hockey, stripped down to the bare essentials. Minus the stability of ice skates.



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