I am not an owl and neither are you I am willing to bet, so lights are very useful tools to both of us. Headlamps are especially useful because of obvious reasons; we can use our hands and things are illuminated wherever our head is turned. We all know the benefits of headlamps in general, just some are better than others. I really like the Black Diamond Spot Headlamp, It’s simple, functional, durable and very affordable.

Blackdiamond Spot
older Spot Headlamp in the real world

The Spot has “multiple modes that are customizable to any lighting situation”

which is technical talk for; this light has multiple LED settings and levels of brightness. The 2 Spot Headlamps that I own do not feature a red light setting and that would have been my only complaint, however someone must have read my mind for the new models have red Single Power LEDs. The red light setting lets you see without ruining your night vision, and sometimes more importantly the red light does not attract bugs to your face like white lights. New Spot Headlamps from blackdiamondequipment.com cost $39.95. This seems like a fair price for what is offered, but you can shave off most of that price if you buy an older Spot model.

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