john wells slashing Mount Baker. photo: optic flows photography

Unofficial Networks is proud to introduce

Mount Baker is a beacon in our sport with their main asset being what we all crave – snow.  In 1998 Mt Baker got over 1,100 inches of snow.  Last year they got over 850 inches.  This year they’ve already gotten over 10 feet of snow.  The place has fun terrain and ridiculous backcountry.  Mt Baker fits right into the Unofficial passion and were are stoked to have Mount Baker, WA as our newest location.

The best photographer in the industry, Grant Gunderson, calls Mt Baker home as well some incredible athletes including Zach Giffin, Molly Baker, and our boy John Wells.

John Wells will be the local reporter for  Originally from Groton, Massachusetts John has searched the globe far and wide (36 countries in all) in search for the “mecca” that is Mt. Baker, WA.  John skis everyday and will be running unofficial Mt. Baker, whether it’s 35 mph water-ski turns or dry pow, skiing is John.

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