Unofficial Beer | Otter Creek To Keep The Shed Brand Alive

Unofficial Beer | Otter Creek To Keep The Shed Brand Alive


Unofficial Beer | Otter Creek To Keep The Shed Brand Alive



(logos courtesy of Otter Creek Brewing Co and The Shed Restaurant and Brewery)

On Halloween Otter Creek Brewing Co. summoned The Shed Restaurant and Brewery’s line of beers from the imminent dead.

The Shed Restaurant and Brewery, opened and owned by Ken and Kathy Strong is the famed Stowe, VT landmark situated conveniently on the Stowe Mountain Road.  The locally-loved establishment had to close its doors last month after 47 years of existence due to a lease issue with the building’s current owner.  Widely recognized as one of the most unique mountain pub destinations, the Shed boasted a fine line of house-brewed beers, most notably the notorious 7% ABV Shed Mountain Ale, a strong American ale that was very hard to avoid upon visiting.

The Shed Restaurant and Brewery lease ran out on Oct 30. (photo courtesy of

Otter Creek Brewing, who is also the producer of the Wolavers organic beer line, plans to start brewing Shed Mountain Ale immediately.  They are in the process of inheriting the Shed’s brewing equipment and installing it at the Middlebury, VT brewery.  OCB brewmaster Mike Gerhart has been working closely with Strong to make sure the Shed brewing recipes and traditions remain intact.

Brian Walsh, President of Otter Creek Brewing Co. said, “We are extremely proud that Ken and Kathy Strong have entrusted their beer brands and the rich heritage of The Shed Brewery to us. We look forward to working with them as ongoing ambassadors for Shed Mountain Ale and the entire brand family.” (

“The Shed family is a Vermont treasure. Otter Creek Brewing is proud to be able to continue the brewing history of The Shed”, continued Walsh.

Ken and Kathy Strong hoist a glass at The Shed (photo courtesy of Glenn Callahan)

“Kathy and I are very pleased that Otter Creek Brewing, a Vermont brewer, was willing to assume the operation of The Shed Brewery and brands. It is terrific that Shed Mountain Ale will continue to be brewed and served throughout Vermont.” As for future plans to reopen The Shed Restaurant Ken Strong said, “We are continuing to evaluate choices and locations to reopen The Shed as soon as possible.”

A warm look inside the pub at The Shed (photo courtesy of Erme Catino)

So fret not Shed fans.  Though the brewery on the Mountain Road may be no more, it’s beer will continue to be brewed and enjoyed…





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