Chip, the rider picture above, called me and ask if I want to go riding after work.” Sure!” I said. Little did I know I would be blindfolded, headphones shoved in my ears and forced to listened to  Napalm Death. After a truly horrible 50 minutes of downright awful death metal, what death metal is down right awful though? I was greeted with the this view.

..which is Mount Mansifield from the other side.

I did not know it yet but the trail we were about to ride may be short, but they are damn sweet. The best flow I have found thus far in vermont with sections of techincal rocks, big bridge up on rocks, gap jumps, bermed downhills. Its all on private land, which happens to be owned by a very prominent editor of a very well known skiing magazine.

Matt are guide for the day enjoying the flowly trail along the flowly river.

The author in all of his spandexiness enjoying the bridges and rocks.

The other Josh on the ride nailing a sweet little roll down.


After the ride was over I was blindfolded, headphones put back in at least on the way back. After promising not to tell the location to anyone, at least I was allowed to listen to the classiest band ever.

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