photo by Adrian Kostrubiak

Me biting off  ALOT more than I can possible chew.

The past winter at Stowe was merely average from a Snowfall standpoint. Average at Stowe means 333 inches. Take that Telluride! The difference was this year we did not get the frost/freeze cycles and underdeveloped snow (the dreaded “R” word) that comes quite frequently every winter. For a 6 weeks from mid- Januray to March 1st. I dare say we had some of the best conditions in the world in tight labyrinths of trees. December 8th was not bad either as shown by Adrian’s picture of me. That deepness of snow on the 8th was not repeated but we had so many days of skiing untracked that great day were forgotten for what was epic all day long, Ullr’ giving us free refills on our powder buffet days. Say keep shredding the singletrack, raging the whitewater, and finding peace with your hikes and soon enough Ullr’s will be feeding the skiers of Stowe again.

Here are some more Photos from this past season that I snapped.

Liz McClure enjoying her meal, on what is the secert stash in plain view on Spruce Peak.

Out in the Planets, Erik Suvanto grabs dinner after work.

Adrian finds his light fluffy breakfast in an Octopuses Garden@MRG.


Liz finishes it off with a creamy windbuff desert in the Birthday Bowls

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