shark movie

Video made by 17 year old Madison Steward.

We found this online yesterday and it’s heavy.  Should we get rid of all the sharks? Probably not, huh?  Sharks have been royally getting their asses kicked world wide.

Shocking Numbers from Madison’s Video:

– 73 Million Sharks Killed Every Year Just for Their Fins

– Sharks kill 5 People Every Year Worldwide

– Shark Population in Great Barrier Reef, Australia, Down 97%

– 600 Tons of Shark Taken from Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Site Every Year Legally

Here is more info about this video by the Madison Steward, the 17-year-old creator:

People who fear sharks in this day and age, fear only knowledge. Most lack the education to understand the truth about sharks and their place in the ocean and that fear of them will lead to the oceans fall. if there is going to be hope for survival in the future, those who fear sharks, will need to be taught to fear for them…

interviews in order of appearance, Terri Harrison, Chang Chin, Ryan Banks, Dominee Gallagher, Ernst Stewart, Janine Goyetche, Madison Stewart. Tiger feeding by Connor Cassidy and Travis Gregg. Shark fining footage from ‘SHARKWATER’ by Rob Stewart.

filmed and edited by Madison Stewart, 17 years old. In an attempt to make a voice for the sharks and shed light on the legal GBR fin fisheries! because the law and justice are distant. follow the fight..

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