Start this video at the 1:00 mark, breath in the steam from your cup of green tea with honey, lean back, and think about nothing…think about nothing but perfect powder…think about nothing but perfect powder and how you’d ski it flawlessly…

I feel very strongly that this video embodies everything that skiing is and everything that skiing should be.  This video and its music hypnotized me.  I showed this video to 4 humans in my house.  This is what they said:

“He skis like a little kid, just charging and having way too much fun.”

“Where is that terrain?  I wanna go there.”

“How is he charging all that so hard.  He makes it look so fun.”

“This video makes me wanna go skiing.”

Candide Thovex is arguably the best skier there ever was.  Oh, you think that’s a bold statement?  Well chew on this:


1996 – French Mogul Champion

2000 – Winner X-Games Big Air & Gravity Games

2001 – Winner X-Games Australia Big Air and Half Pipe

2003 – Winner X-Games Half-Pipe

2006 – World Record Quarter Pipe Air at 10 meters

2006 – Winner Orage European Freeski Open

2007 – Winner X-Games Slopestyle

2010 – Winner of Red Bull Linecatcher Vars (Southern Alps).

2010 – Winner of the Chamonix Freeride World Tour Stop.

2010 – Overall Winner of the Freeride World Tour

bec de rosses verbier

The bec de rosses, Verbier, Switzerland.

What I love, is that once we all decided that he was hands down the best park skier in the world, he won the Freeride World Tour with ease. I was there when he won it in Verbier in 2010.  I even got to interview him.  The guy is happy, cool, mellow, and real.  Winning the Freeride World Tour is one of the most impressive things you can do on skis.  The venues are fearsome (Bec de Rosses see above), the competitors are literally the best in the world, the consequences are dire, and the rewards are handsome.

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