Riders of all ages get a free go at the Camp of Champions jump ramp and air bag set up last weekend. Jump Session | Camp of Champions Air Bag. | Unofficial Networks

Jump Session | Camp of Champions Air Bag.

Jump Session | Camp of Champions Air Bag.


Jump Session | Camp of Champions Air Bag.


Last weekend Camp of Champions had their mountain bike airbag inflated at the Celebration Plaza in the Whistler Village. They had it running for two days, in which case anyone could sign a waiver and hit up the giant cushion to try out some new tricks. It was sunny, and people were sending it.


People of all ages were droppin' in.

The giant airbag is the same one that COC uses during summer camp at their compound, and it appears to be an effective device. I witnessed a guy land completely upside down on his head, rolled over and got back in line to hit it again. That’s a pretty good testament as to how safe this airbag is.

Wyper with a superman to tail whip.

I sat and watched the session go down for a bit, and witnessed some pretty sick tricks. Justin Wyper was doing flip combos, bmxer’s were throwing spin whips. You name it, people were trying it. Even 10 year olds were in on the session trying things they probably never thought was possible.

A little ripper giving the 6 foot ramp a try.

The best move I saw thrown down was a totally boned out bar hump by Callum Jelley….on a ‘grocery getter’ cruiser bike! It was amazing. I guess the compression from the six-foot ramp was so strong, it tweaked the handle bar, and completely bent the one crank. Needless to say, it was the last time he hit it on that bike.

Callum Jelley with the trick of the day. Look at that bike!

I don’t think COC will have the airbag up and running until camp starts, so if you want to give it a go, you might just have to sign up. That way you can have full access to their compound at Base 2, and really dial in your tricks.

Looks rad.



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