alpine meadows bought by squaw valley“Home of the….obnoxious Squaw skier?”

YES!  The Rumor Mill continues to spin an immaculate web of KSL (owners of Squaw) and JMA (owners of Alpine) intricacies.  The latest:  KSL & JMA have signed a letter of intent for KSL to purchase Alpine Meadows. A letter of intent is kinda like a house being in escrow, I think.  There is likely someone reading this that can explain it better…please do.

As a North Lake Tahoe resident, you’ve gotta be stoked!  Oh, wait, that is unless you’re a die-hard Alpine skier!  HA F#$king HA!  How much are you Alpine guys gonna absolutely LOVE Squaw skiers and our brackish attitudes of radness coming over to Alpine EVERY SINGLE DAY once Squaw is tracked out?

Once we’re done defacing the intracate crytalized blanket of frozen H2O at our resort, we’re hoppin’ in our cars and comin’ over to your house to finish off what you guys couldn’t get done yourselves!

alpine meadowsWhat Squaw skiers are drooling over at Alpine Meadows.

I’m picturing banter at first:

Ah, these Squaw guys are so lame with their bright colors and misplaced mountain eliteness.”

The banter quickly gives way to heckling:

“Go back to Squaw you mountain wreckers!”

The heckling quickly gives way to outright verbalized distaste:

“Hey, F$%k You!”

And, of course, the outright verbalized distaste will quickly give way to full on brawls:

“POW!”  (see below)

batman and robin pow

The reality that I’m limerick-istically trying to convey here, is that I think Squaw skiers/riders are stoked about this, and that Alpine skiers/riders are NOT STOKED about this possibility. I’m very curious to hear from the Alpine crew on this one…

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