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Unofficial was fortunate enough to chat briefly with Mountain Manager Jimmy King this past weekend. Jimmy was asked where the Mainline & Newport chairs were going.  We’d be hearing rumors that one of the chairs was going to Thailand to serve as uphill transportation for a zip-line company.  Which would be pretty cool.  We’d heard that the other chair was going up to Johnsville Ski Resort in the Northern Sierra near Graeagle, CA.  Johnsville ski area was started in 1860 and is considered the oldest ski are in the Western Hemisphere.

The Reality of Where the Newport & Mainline Chairs are going according to Jimmy:

– One is going to Thailand to service a zip-line operation there.

– The other is headed to Johnsville Ski Resort, the oldest ski resort in the Western Hemisphere.

johnsville california longboardingLongboarding in Johnsville, CA.  photo:

I’m tellin’ ya, the rumors are high quality around here and always true.  Have you heard the one about KSL purchasing Whitewolf & Alpine & putting in a tunnel that will allow the passage of cars from just left of the Red Dog chair to the future parking lot of the Whitewolf ski resort?  Yep, it’s real.

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