windy squaw valleyWhat Squaw will feel like this weekend.  photo:

This weekend is looking…well…windy.  Real windy. Then, real snowy.  It’s May, humans, can we please just have some sun?

Lift Openings May 13-16:

Kt-22, Headwall, Shirley Lake, Links, Bailey’s Beach, Cable Car.

Skiing & Riding until 2pm.  High Camp Pool, Hot Tub, & Bar open until 4pm.

$39 Lift Tickets on Monday, May 16th for the Amgen Tour of California.

$59 Lift Tickets on Fri, Sat, & Sun.

kt 22


Friday = Mostly Sunny.  High 62F.  Winds up to 30mph.

Saturday = Party Sunny.  High 55F.  Winds up to 45 mph.

Sunday = Snow, up to 12” on the crest.  High 41F.  Winds up to 45mph

Monday = Chance of Snow.  High 42F.  Windy. Mind you, this is the day we host the Tour of California.  (Welcome to California spandex road warriors)


Friday = Jackie Green in the Crown Room at the Crystal Bay Club.  9pm.  $30.  This guy is good.

Saturday = Mad Cow Downhill at Alpine Meadows.  People will get hurt at this event.

Sunday = Amgen Tour of California Stage 1: Starts in South Lake, 1.5 laps around the lake, ends in Truckee.

Monday = Amgen tour of California Stage 2, watch the start at Squaw Valley at 10:15am.

This video is Jackie Greene, clearly on drugs, attempting to play my favorite song of his.

Regardless of how you look at, this weekend is guaranteed to be weird.  I mean, it’s May, we’ve got wind, snow, dudes in spandex, and skiing.  Anytime those 5 elements come together, there will be multiple and various forms of uncouth behavior.  Enjoy.